High voltage meets high quality.

A major characteristic of Axicom products is their remarkably long service life. With parts inoperation for more than 60 years, we take great pride in the reliability and durability of our work. Maximum quality assurance in all aspects of production enables us to continuously offer solutions with minimized need for repair and refurbishment. An extensive portfolio of materials and technologies allows for extraordinary adaptability. Our products are highly suitable for extreme conditions and harsh environments, making our customers benefit from very low maintenance costs. These extreme conditions or harsh environments may at times place very demanding requirements on Axicom’s innovation capabilities. But it is precisely these challenges that make Axicom an exceptional and successful provider of high voltage equipment.


Quality comes naturally.

Comprehensive quality management is not about pushing the boundaries, but about respecting them. At AXICOM we live a holistic quality management approach:

  • We listen to customers, understand their needs and transfer those into the products and services
  • Material and Vendor selection, qualification and development are adapted to our high demanding requirements
  • The continuous development of our staff ensures work performance at highest level to meet all requirements the market may set
  • Manufacturing process control and automation ensure repeatability of production and with that highest reliability to produce the products always same at highest standards.

AXICOM products are designed to quality, providing a sustainable offering to all customers.

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