Built to fit.

Facing various global challenges in high voltage power transmission for many years, we have learned to develop solutions that serve a worldwide range of applications. We consistently work on innovations like our renowned Press Fit Technology to make Axicom products accessible and useful all around the world.

Air Insulated Substation application

Axicom composite insulators are very versatile and can be installed in many switchgears.
They are compatible with gas, liquid, gel or foam insulating media, from -60 to 115 °C, outdoor or indoor – applications are unlimited.

Circuit Breaker

For Live Tank Circuit Breakers, single or multi chambers, Axicom can deliver the Composite Hollow core Insulators and the command rods.
For Dead Tank Circuit Breakers, Axicom can deliver the Composite Hollow core Insulators or complete bushings, command rods and internal insulating supports.

Gas Insulated Substation / Hybrid Application

Axicom components can be installed inside many Gas Insulated Substations, Hybrid and Dead Tank Circuit Breaker products.

Hollow Core Composite Insulators are used for / in:

  • Disconnectors
  • Live Tank Breakers
  • Dead Tank Breakers
  • Dead Tank Compact Breakers
  • Measurement Transformers
  • Optical Transformers
  • Wall Bushings
  • Generator Circuit Breakers
  • Oil filled and dry type cable terminations
  • Surge Arresters
  • Support Insulators
  • Switchgear Bushings
  • Transformer Bushings

High Voltage Insulating Components are used for / in:

  • Chamber Insulators (around switching contacts)
  • Support Insulators (phase to ground, closing resistor)
  • Disconnector Rods
  • Push-Pull Rods
  • Torsion Rods
  • Operating rods (main rod, auxiliary rods, resistor rods)
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