Produced in Switzerland. Worldwide Trusted.

Industry leading technology, unique know-how and decades of experience define the quality of our work. Entirely controllable, repeatable and monitorable processes ensure our quality. Our manufacturing site is fully equipped to perform economic production, extensive customization and reliable testing. As a result, our customers benefit from low investment needs, high scalability and short time to market. We are specialized in providing High Voltage Components and Composite Hollow Core Insulators manufactured in Switzerland and used in the whole world.

Material innovation.

One of the crucial qualities of our products is their material composition. What they are made of is what makes them the best. Matchless knowledge and superior test capacities give us the possibility to continuously develop solutions and innovations to global material requirements.

Manufacturing precision.

When it comes to production, we do not leave any room for errors. Each of our process steps is carefully designed to ensure maximum security, quality and efficiency. Our employees are supported by cobots and robots to automate manual steps and therefore increase our throughput. Press Fit Technology further enables us to meet any challenges and requirements regarding the manufacture of our products. Thanks to the renowned Axicom invention, we achieve industry leading mechanical properties and flawlessly repeatable and reliable results in production.