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In 1958, more than 60 years ago, a family-run company by the name of „Cellpack AG“ started with the production of high-voltage components. The founders, known as the Dreifuss brothers, had already gained business experience in the straw weaving industry and were planning to take their efforts to the next level. In search of an alternative to straw as a raw material, the brothers came across cellophane. Immediately seeing potential in the versatile plastic material, they soon started to build their business on it. „Cellpack“ is short for cellophane packaging, which was the new company’s very first product at the time. Shortly after, various top quality industrial products followed, ultimately leading to the production of the first high voltage component in the history of our company.


About 30 years later, in 1988, another big milestone was achieved: Teaming up with a later main customer, a new generation of high voltage power components: the hollow core insulator was created – innovative composite insulators, industrially manufactured in Switzerland and introduced to the global market. By the turn of the millennium Cellpack AG had already made a name for itself in the power transmission industry.


Following great business success, the company sold its department for advanced composites to Tyco Electronics in 2001. This enabled significant investments to be made in production processes and technology. From that point on, products were sold and many more
milestones were achieved under the brand name „AXICOM“:


In 2004, the first ever foam filled insulators, developed by AXICOM, were presented to the market. A crucial step towards sustainable high voltage power transmission.


In 2006, we proudly delivered Hollow Core Composite Insulator number 100.000 to be installed in the field. Looking back on more than 15 years of unmatched practicality, the AXICOM technology still remains state of the art today. And to make that year even better, AXICOM merged into Tyco Electronics Logistics AG.


In 2008, we became the first and single supplier of elemental insulation parts for 1100kV gas insulated switch gears for the Chinese market. Meeting all the critical requirements for long distance power transmission at ultra-high voltages, our products have lived up to their reputation and satisfied our customer’s needs.


In 2011, a literally huge milestone was achieved: AXICOM delivered a large Hollow Composite Insulator. With a size of 9.1 meters in length and a diameter of 770 millimeters it was the biggest one ever made at that time.


In 2016, the longest ever Life Tank Breaker switching rods were developed and produced by AXICOM with a length of >15 meters.


In 2020, an environmentally friendly solution for 420kV bushings was launched by AXICOM. A product aiming to replace solutions containing sulfur hexafluoride – and to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint.


In 2021, TE connectivity has divested its AXICOM high voltage product business division to RCP Group, an independent investment firm based in Munich, Germany. The new legal entity AXICOM HV AG was founded to continue independently. All manufacturing, processes, people, products and know-how as well as supplier and customer relationship are continuing under AXICOM HV AG.

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