Driven by expertise diversity.

Global demands are met most efficiently when they are met in a global way. This is why close contact and good communication lay the foundation of our successful engineering. Working with people from all over the world, we managed to build a strong understanding of our international customers’ needs. Diversity amongst our employees and business partners means more input, more ideas and more solutions. In combination with a broad range of materials and technologies we are able to provide the most suitable products for a worldwide market.

Perfect fits make strong connections.

AXICOM’s Press Fit Technology

Maintaining great business relationships with our customers and partners, we certainly appreciate when things just fit. High voltage power transmission is about compatible connections, after all. In the High Voltage Industry excellent compatibility starts with excellent engineering. And excellent engineering has enabled us to develop the most convenient products for global demands. The standardized press-fit process allows for maximum production control and highest quality assurance, enabling our products to meet all the requirements, all the time, all around the world. By the tight tolerance control and automated machine operation it can be ensured that product keep highest standard every time piece by piece, for decades.

  • Strongest mechanical connection
  • Fastest operating times
  • Highest reliability
  • Globally proven for decades
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